Saturday, June 13, 2015

Team composition

Team Composition

  1. Radio Jockeys:  Students from Pamir region
  2. Expert Farmers : Community of farmers selected by Pamir research team.
  3. Sample Collection team - On field, Using Apps (Research Students, Local students)
  4. Pamir Research Team :  Prof Dr. Karim-Aly Kassam, Morgan Ruelle
  5. University Technology Team : University lecturer : Specialized in Soil analysis,  Seed Profile , Crop Planning based on season/ Mixed Farming feasibility,Field Workability, Rain / Snow Gauge, Telemetry Direct your equipment, VR Nitrogen Dependency. I am not sure if the university has all the facilities for research and teaching in case this is not possible we can get the students involved in the activities and can conduct online sessions from Climate-Co-Lab team. So we can use the university as a learning place.
  6. Training Team :Web application browsing team, Apps device usage training team for students, Sample collection training team,
  7. Optional Apps : Develop a customized apps for Pamir region if required. or Use the Apps like optimizer. Note: If any IT students are intrested we can give a project to them, so they can develop it which is cost effective. The Central Asia University has IT department, they can think about it, and can customize according to pamir's requirement, the calendar research team and Expert farmers can give their requirement and they can follow this document pretty use full to develop and test the apps
  8. Climate-Co-Lab team: Assisting the technology team with online training/guest lecture from other scientist in various fields.
  9. Advance Technology team : Fellow Team (Based on technical data)
  1.  Prof Dr. Karim-Aly Kassam, Morgan Ruelle for plant diversity and crop mapping prediction
  2.  Anne Nolin, Catalina Oaida : Water and Snow Cycle effects along with contaminated air / wind on climate change.
  3. Anne Nolin, Subahashree Mishra : Atmospheric changes and its effect on the region.
  4. Anne Nolin, Natasha Udu-gama : Geographical change in the region based on historic data and current data.
  5. Julia Galkiewicz : Effect of climate change, on soil microbes and its nutrients.
  6. Use of Modified Seeds effect in the given region : Specialist in seed growth analyst           (Climate colab)
Note:Apart from this we can have additional team members if required, the junior research students, who can work along with the people mentioned, and the judges of this competition can also help the ADV team through online when they get time probably once in 4 months and to have a second opinion on their research work.

In Recent years there has been a change in the life style of the people, so it is a must that we need to use these changes as well in the calendar as a shift/ correction value. Though the calendar has considered the season,altitude and sun light etc, the other side of detrimental effects has not been considered for e.g the poison grasses, over gazing by cattle as the pamir region was separated from soviet union, so the pastoral area has got reduced, and the change of people's life style by consumption of energy for thermal insulation and if new type of equipments been used in agriculture and these changes relationship with microbes has not been covered. These will have an effect on the calendar correction as well, which cannot be ignored as these changes has taken place in the same area, Probably the calendar can be iterated over a period of time with some adjustment values, in the mean time i feel we can develop an integrated agriculture tips comprising technology and experts advice that can be conveyed through radio and as knowledge to students. 


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