Saturday, June 13, 2015

Advanced Technology Team

Advance Technology Team:

The role of adv team is to work with the technology team and pamir team. This team will not be directly involved in the radio program. They will perform their research work and will provide the information to the technology team.

Why do we need advance technology team ?

Though the technology team, works based on the historic data and the samples collected by the students.  The prediction of floods, and avalanche in the region depends on various areas needs to be done.

Some of the complex areas

  1. Analysis of Snow / Water cycle : Including how the contamination of water in the region affects the agriculture. 
  2. Geological surveyors of the land scape: how the land scape has changed due to the natural changes like earth quake and man made changes chemical explosions and water pollutants, change in the altitude of the mountains, its effects the change in sunlight divergence in the region and how this sun light and wind deflection changes and its effect on the water cycle, amount of green house gases and other gases emitted by man and their effect in wind speed, water, soil contamination.

The Advance Technology team should collect the data periodically and should predict the climate change in advance. Initially some training can be given to the Lecturers in the Central Asia University so that they can assist the students in collecting the samples.

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