Saturday, June 13, 2015

Smart Phone Apps For University-Students-Community

Agriculture Application For Smart Phone devices:

In addition to this, the technical team can buy one of these mobile apps after finding the best one, they can train the students in using this. The students can act as an volunteer and can help the farmers in learning these application or at least they can assist them when they require information.

Soil sample analyzing apps:
  1. AgStudio MAP
  2. Optimizer 2.0
  3. iCropTrak Soil App
  4. Sirrus

Temperature analyzing Apps
  1. Climate App : This provides information on temperature on various altitudes
Other mobile aps which i found use full
As there are various apps being developed, the students needs to be in sync with agricultural technologies and we can spend some time and see which apps gives an accurate data.
These data can be compared with the expert judgements and technological teams data.

Probably we can reachout to existing, apps developers for pamir regions:

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